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Singer Accused Of Lip Syncing Proves Judges Wrong In The Most Amazing Way.

Aida Nikolaychuk singing at audition.

Writers, painters, singers and more are sometimes so inconceivably good they’re accused of being hacks. And while those accusations may prove true some of the time, every once in a while someone comes along whose natural talent leaves everyone reeling.

That’s exactly what happened during the second season of Ukraine’s X Factor. Aida Nikolaychuk, a then-29-year-old cashier, chose Russian crooner Polina Gagarina’s “Lullaby” as her audition piece.


She didn’t let on, and maybe she didn’t even see it, but about two minutes into the song, judges Ihor Kondratiuk and Sergey Vasilyevich Parkhomenko (a.k.a. Seryoga) huddled together and started whispering:

Seryoga: “Are you kidding me? Is this some joke?â€

Ihor: “Is this a recording?”

Seryoga: “Yes, I think it’s a recording.”

Ihor: “Is this live? Is she lip synching?”

Dumbfounded at her audacity, Ihor motioned for the contestant to stop.


“Could you sing any song a cappella?” he asked.

“Not any song. This song,” Seryoga pressed, his face set in a challenge.

Well, Aida certainly rose to the challenge and left the judges completely stunned.


“We stopped you because I couldn’t believe my ears,” Seryoga said at the end of her performance, adding her “magical voice” sounds “like a commercially produced CD.”

Have a listen for yourself in the video below.

Incredible, right?! Aida won the following season of X Factor, and the model and pop singer now has a lucrative career performing in concerts and making other public appearances.

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