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Three Pictures of Bare Feet

Would You Go Barefoot For An Entire Year? This 16 Year Old Did And Impacted 3 Countries.

When Keegan Schulte heard that children in Africa couldn’t go to school because they didn’t have shoes to wear, he did something about it … he went a WHOLE year without wearing shoes! His results were pretty remarkable:

  • He raised  $8,597.58
  • 250 pairs of shoes were purchased in Entebbe, Uganda for $5,371
  • $2,800 established a “shoe fund” through Kids Alive, International in Guatemala
  • The remaining $426.58 was donated to “Shoes That Fit,” an organization that provides shoes for underprivileged children in the United States.

Many times we see needs around us and say, “Why doesn’t somebody do something?” Instead we need to change our thinking and realize, “I am the somebody.”