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Working 101-Yr-Old Bestows Wisdom On What Has Helped Her Live A Long, Happy Life.

Maggie HusVar and Jayne Burns smile as they pose for a photo in the fabric department of Joann. They're wearing matching shirts that say "Keep Moving."

You’d never guess Jayne Burns is 101 years old, especially if you spotted her cutting fabric at Joann. She’s over a century old, but that hasn’t stopped her from much. In fact, she still drives herself to work, an activity that can take 20 minutes on a day that isn’t busy.

Jayne was first introduced to Joann by her daughter in the 90s. She was already working there at the time and thought the work might be good for Jayne — her husband, Dick, had recently passed away. For most of her life, Jayne was a bookkeeper. She retired “off and on,” but found that she preferred the company of others.

Jayne Burns smiles as she stands next to co-worker Maggie HusVar. Jayne is wearing glasses and a birthday sash to celebrate 99 years.

“I was into fabric, so the manager asked me if I wanted to work,” Jayne recalled. “I started working with him and liked it and stayed there.”

Jayne has formed close bonds with many co-workers over the years, including Maggie HusVar. This senior at Thomas More University was so fond of Jayne that she decided to share her with her followers on TikTok.


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In no time, her videos were reaching millions. And just like that, Jayne had her own fans! Naturally, many of them are curious as to how she’s still able to get around so well for her age.

Jayne’s answer? Well, truthfully, she’s not sure. But she’s happy to share what she thinks may have helped.

Maggie HusVar and Jayne Burns smile as they pose for a photo in the fabric department of Joann. They're wearing matching shirts that say "Keep Moving."

For starters, she makes sure to allow herself to eat the things she enjoys — but in moderation. That being said, she has made a recent exception with sugar since she “likes sweets too much.”

She also recommends a good skincare routine and finding ways to stay active. Throughout her life, that’s included bowling, exercising, and golfing. And, of course, working at Joann has also kept her moving.

“I was always active all my life doing things,” Jayne said. “So I think that has helped more than anything.”


my boss asked Jayne some questions!!!

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Jayne’s biggest advice, however, is to surround yourself with the right people. Although a part of the reason she works at Joann is financially related, she also does it because she simply enjoys spending time with her co-workers and customers.

“It’s important to find people who are friendly and kind,” Jayne said. “I enjoy talking to everybody I work with, and meeting customers who are very nice.”

Jayne Burns gives a surprised smile as she sits in a chair in the fabric department of Joann. She's wearing a birthday sash for her 100th birthday and balloons in white, peach, pink, and gold cascade all around her. She's catching a peach one with her hands. A walking cane rests between her legs.

Jayne has so many folks in her life who care about and love her. When her birthday rolls around, family, friends, and co-workers alike don’t hesitate to give her the celebration she deserves. So if you ask Jayne when she plans to stop working, you won’t get an answer.

“I enjoy what I do, so I want to keep doing it,” Jayne said. “I’ll work for as long as I can or as long as they’ll have me.”

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