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Woody Harrelson Crashed His Motorcycle, Had Unexpected “Doctor” Patch Him Up

Woody Harrelson smiles as he sits behind a mic on a podcast

Los Angeles is known for many things, including having some of the worst traffic in the United States. That’s why Woody Harrelson tends to travel on his motorcycle — he finds it’s the fastest way to get somewhere. Well, that’s usually the case, anyway. While on his way to be a guest on the podcast Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend, Woody Harrelson got into an accident.

While crossing the road, Harrelson ran into a car, sending him over his handlebars and the hood of the stranger’s vehicle. Thankfully, the actor was wearing a helmet, leaving him fairly unscathed. He did, however, find that his wrist was a bit wounded. In another case of good luck, Harrelson had the perfect person with him to help: Ted Danson! Not only did the two of them work together on Cheers, but they’re also close friends in real life.

Turns out, Harrelson and Danson had plans to be on O’Brien’s podcast together to promote their own podcast. Fittingly, it’s called Where Everybody Knows Your Name with Ted Danson and Woody Harrelson (Sometimes). The actor’s injury wasn’t too bad, but by the time they arrived to the studio, the two of them paused to figure out what they could do about his wrist.

“We’re in the bathroom and I was like, ‘You played a doctor right?'” Harrelson recalls asking, “and Ted said, ‘I also played a lawyer so we can sue the guy.'”

Woody Harrelson’s Motorcycle Accident Leads to a Funny Story

Although not a real doctor, Danson does manage to wrap up Harrelson’s wrist pretty well. Then, soon enough, they’re laughing about it on the podcast. They make lots of jokes, of course, but Danson admits he’s sad about what happened to his friend. You can watch part of their interview in the video below (Content Warning: Language)

“I am sad,” Danson admits. “He could’ve been hurt badly. It does make me sad.”

After spending years together on an iconic show, fans are delighted to see them reunite for this nostalgic podcast. Best of all, the actors feel the same way! Not only do these friends get to revisit some of the best years of their lives, but they also get to spend time together.

“The best part about doing this podcast is that it’s given me an excuse to hang out with Ted,” Harrelson said when announcing the podcast. “Sure, we’ll talk with interesting guests, and sure we’ll share some laughs along the way, but the biggest win will be rekindling our romance, I mean friendship, after all this time. And I’m glad listeners will be able to join us for that.”

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