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Woman Thought She Was Feeding Sloth A Flower, But As It Slowly Moves Closer She Realizes It Has Other Ideas.

We’ve shared some adorable sloths with you before, with our list of “14 Ridiculously Photogenic Sloths,” but we just can’t get enough of these adorable, goofy, slow-moving creatures! If you’re with us on the sloth-love, you’ll definitely get a kick out of the precious video below!

This video captures the moment when a woman gets a big surprise from a sloth, and has the cutest silent-freak-out (honestly, she does a way better job of keeping it together than we would have!). The woman was visiting the Sloth Sanctuary in Costa Rica, offering a hibiscus flower to the sloth to eat. As she stood near the creature, offering the flower, it became more and more apparent that the sloth wasn’t hungry… She just wanted to cuddle!

As can be expected of a sloth, the creature went in for the hug very slowly, maneuvering from branch to branch, ignoring the flower and making the world’s slowest bee-line for the woman.

“If you stand just where you’re at, she’ll climb onto you, and that’s fine.” says a voice– presumably a guide from the Sloth Sanctuary– off camera. The woman in the video can’t even answer; she’s in disbelief at her good luck! Check out the adorable interaction below.

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