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Woman Spots Something Shiny During Hurricane Cleanup And Can’t Believe Her Eyes.

A wedding ring is a cherished possession. It’s something that when lost can cause a lot of sadness. Therefore, when (and if) it’s finally found, the joy is real.

Just ask Ashley Garner, who lost her wedding ring outside her Fort Myers home a few days before Hurricane Ian hit the coast of southwest Florida. Ashley said she really thought she would never see it again.

Ashley’s husband and their three children worked together to help her search for the ring. They looked around their yard and garage for two days but to no avail. There was still no sign of her beloved ring.

“I just accepted that it was gone,” Ashley said. “It was only a thing. It’s replaceable, and I just let it go. We knew the hurricane was coming, so we just kind of said goodbye.”

Ashley and her family stayed at their home during the storm. Once it passed, they decided to go outside to clean up and continue their search – and they are so glad they did!

“We’re about 10 minutes into cleaning, and my husband is cleaning up the brush and the trees right next to the garage door,” Ashley said. “There’s a pile of brush and trees, and he moves over one pile, and the ring was right there.”

How awesome! Thanks to their persistence, they were able to find the needle in the haystack.

Ashley said she couldn’t believe they found the ring. It truly was a little miracle amidst the aftermath of the devastating storm. While some areas were hit harder by the storm, thankfully, her neighborhood didn’t experience the destructive flooding that many parts of the state did.

More than anything, she was grateful to get her ring back and relieved that their neighborhood survived the storm.

“I just sat on the curb, and I prayed to God and thanked him for providing and giving us a sign that there’s hope for the community,” Ashley said.

We certainly agree that this was indeed a joyous occasion! It’s always nice when the sun (paired with a ring) shines after the storm!

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