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Woman Sets 2 New World Records With a Surprising Pair Of Partners!

breaking world record

It’s not often that you break a Guinness world record, but it’s even rarer to break two! Thankfully for Australian animal lover Noeline Cassettari, she had two wonderful partners to help her achieve this feat. 

Her miniature horse, Rose, and sheep, Beanie, have defied expectations by setting world records for the most tricks performed in one minute. These extraordinary animals will capture your heart and inspire you with their unbelievable talent! 

horse breaks world record
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Rose, a 21-year-old miniature horse, performed admirably while claiming the title for the most tricks performed by a horse in one minute. With the help and dedication of her owner Noeline, Rose has mastered an impressive repertoire of tricks that showcases her intelligence and agility. 

Rose can perform everything from simple commands like stay and come to more complex feats like smiling, bowing, and even selecting a playing card from a deck!

Noeline uses positive reinforcement techniques, which she discovered makes training fun for both Rose and herself! You can see it in Rose’s performance as well, as she moves through the behaviors with ease, clearly enjoying herself. 

But we can’t let Rose steal the spotlight! 

Beanie, Noeline’s talented Valais blacknose sheep, also achieved the record for the most tricks performed by a sheep in one minute. The intelligent animal showcased his remarkable abilities for the Guinness officials. 

In fact, he even took things a step further for the officials! “Unfortunately, he did wander off to say hello to the photographer in the middle of his spin. He is very friendly.” Noeline described during an interview with Guinness

From wiping his feet and lifting his front legs to going through a hoop and spinning, Beanie’s repertoire of tricks is both diverse and impressive. 

Beanie the sheep breaks world record

“Despite the popular belief that sheep are dumb and stupid, I think Beanie has proved otherwise!” Noeline asserts. 

Like with Rose, Noeline utilized positive reinforcement in her training sessions with Beanie. Through these sessions, Beanie has become confident, open to new experiences, and relaxed around people. 

You can see how comfortable he is during the recording of his record-breaking performance. Beanie moves through his behaviors with ease, confident and obviously quite happy. 

Noeline’s journey with Rose and Beanie helps shatter conventional expectations and defy preconceived notions about the limits of animal intelligence. Their remarkable abilities serve as a reminder that with the right approach, training, and love, animals can achieve extraordinary feats. Even setting new world records! 

Noeline’s story is an inspiration to pet owners everywhere. You too can unlock the hidden potential within your own beloved companions. Remember that the power of the human-animal bond knows no bounds! 

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