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Woman Revolutionizes Fashion Through Her Iconic Nature-Inspired Designs.

The beauty of nature is inspiring in itself.

Whether it’s a beautiful flower, a moving sunset or cascading waves, nature and beauty are interconnected in so many ways.

Nature not only influences art and how we feel, but can also affect how we look as one Instagram account shares. Jill Sherman merges her love for science and fashion by showcasing gorgeous designs inspired by the natural world on her Instagram.

Check out these 15 looks that Mother Nature would be proud of, and that definitely deserve a green thumbs up!an

1. Charlotte who? Webbed and weaved to perfection.

2. Vivid colors bring any look to life. The Golden Breasted Starling shines bright.

3. Nothing beats a warm and fuzzy yellow teddy bear feeling.

4. Somewhere over the rainbow is this cool Eucalyptus tree of vibrant color.

5. Behold! The masked crimson and its red radiance.

6. Stripes are always in. Just ask this striped sea beetle.

7. Blue Lettuce anyone? We’ll stick to the green for our salads but this is beautiful.

8. This oyster mushroom blooms with class.

9. This design is sharp as a shark’s tooth.

10. Golden mushroom = nailed it!

11. Strut like this rare stellar jellyfish called Stellamedusa.

12. Fashion is bold. And there’s nothing bigger than this whale shark.

13. The multi-hued Bird of Paradise gives island vibes for sure.

14. This blazing sea slug brings the heat. Fun fact: Its color is determined by what it eats.

15. Say hello to the Copper-throated Sun bird. Covered in iridescence, its rainbow colors glisten as you get closer to it. From afar, the animal is a single color.

It’s true what they say, there is so much more than meets the eye. Next time you see a pretty flower, imagine what you could create with it – the possibilities are endless!

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