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Woman Rescues Abandoned Baby “Hedgehog” Only To Realize The Hilarious Truth

Image shows a baby hedgehog curled like a pom pom in the palm of a hand.

Hedgehogs are adorable little critters. They curl up in a ball when “hiding” or stressed, looking like a baby hedgehog pom pom. Hedgehogs are one of the most adorable creatures on the planet. They are cute, snuggly, and oh so tiny.

Baby hedgehog curled into a pom pom in the palm of a hand.
Image from Flicker.

When a good Samaritan found a tiny pom pom in Cheshire, England, she scooped it up. She placed it gently in a box with some kitty litter, cat food, and a hot water bottle. Knowing that baby hedgehogs will maintain their pom pom curl when stressed, she left the baby alone. Thinking it was an extremely shy baby hedgehog, she wanted to ensure it felt safe in her care.

The following day, after noting the baby hedgehog hadn’t “moved or pooped” throughout the night, she took it to the veterinarian. The news she received from the vet wasn’t exactly what she was expecting.

While the ending is hilarious, we commend the woman for her good intentions. Knowing it was a wild animal, she carefully picked up the baby hedgehog in a box rather than handling it. She avoided stressing it out by ensuring its comfort and leaving it alone. When she noted that the little critter hadn’t moved, she did the responsible thing and took it to an animal hospital. Hedgehogs are so cute — could you resist this adorableness?

A baby hedgehog walking along the forest floor.
Image from Pexels.

If I saw what I thought was a baby hedgehog pom pom, I would try to rescue it, too.

A baby hedgehog held in a person's hands.
Image from Wikimedia Commons.

If your only knowledge of hedgehogs is from playing Sonic the Hedgehog, get thee to a zoo or wildlife sanctuary where you can see a baby hedgehog pom pom live and in person. Share this with others who need some baby hedgehog love in their life.

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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