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Woman Quacks Up Boss With Her Wholesome Pranks, Initiating A Full-On Duck War.

A two-photo collage. The first is a closeup of Alana holding up two super tiny ducks, one in each hand, up to the camera. The ducks are so small she's holding them with two fingers each, and they're about the size of her finger tips. One is light blue and the other is a light pink/red. The second is a closeup of a 4-foot inflatable duck wearing a hat and sunglasses.

When Alana brought ducks to work, she had no idea the domino affect it would have.

This landscape designer at Gateway Engineers in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania started off her harmless prank by placing super tiny ducks all over her co-workers’ desks. But then, one day, she discovered two large ducks in her own office. Folks assumed Alana was the culprit, but it was, in fact, a second unknown purveyor of duckies.

Naturally, Alana put on her duck-tective hat to investigate. After chatting with her co-workers, her search led to none other than her company’s CEO, Jason. Upon making this shocking discovery, she decided to “confront” him, and the results were… amazing.  

You can watch Alana herself recall how that encounter went in the video below.

@lanbanan0 Revenge is in the works. It’s called building office morale #ducks #work ♬ original sound – lanbanan

Alana never expected for her duck prank to go beyond her workplace, but with over 5 million views, people across social media are quacking up over this delightful duck battle. Oh, and if you’re wondering how things turned out with the 4-foot duck, the video below contains the perfect answer.

@lanbanan0 Replying to @toshprovost ♬ original sound – lanbanan

We love that Alana’s workplace allows her the space to be silly and spread joy in unexpected ways. Speaking of which, we have a feeling this is only the beginning of this duck-tastic prank war!

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