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Mom Can’t Believe Her Ears When She Overhears Missing Cat On The Phone.

It’s devastating when a pet goes missing. You don’t know if you’ll ever see them again, or if they’re even alive. All you can do is hope they find their way home.

As more and more time passes, that hope begins to feel foolish. That’s why the last thing Rachael Lawrence of Essex, England, expected when she called the vet for one cat was to find her other cat, who’d been missing for eight months.

The mom of three called her local vet to check on Torvi, her sweet kitty who’d just had an operation. While talking to the vet, she heard a strangely familiar meow in the background. Curious, she asked the vet if that was Torvi meowing. The vet replied no, it was actually a stray cat someone had found on the streets.

After the call, Rachael remained perplexed. Then, a thought occurred to her. She called the vet back and asked if the stray cat matched the description of her own pet, Barnaby, who had gone missing eight months ago. The description matched perfectly, right down to a distinctive white spot on maybe-Barnaby’s back paw.

Now Rachael just had to see that cat.

“It was just utter disbelief from them and me,” Rachael said. “When I went to pick up Torvi, I asked to see this stray cat and brought photos of Barnaby with me.”

Once there, she and the vet agreed that the stray cat was, in fact, the prodigal Barnaby come home at long last. Rachael was over the moon!

“They brought him into the room, and I just straight away picked him up and knew it was him,” Rachael said. “I was sobbing, just absolutely howling.”

Barnaby had had a chip implanted previously, but it turned out it didn’t work. So Rachael made sure the vet inserted a microchip that actually worked. That way, precious Barnaby will never go missing again!

We’re so glad Rachael and her family got their feline friend back. We can’t blame her for crying; we’re fighting tears ourselves!

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