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Woman Discovers Tiny, Abandoned Critters Back From The Dead — Well, Sort Of

A pair of glowing eyes in a hole under a gravestone.

Creatures stirring in a cemetery sounds like the beginning of a horror movie, but in this case it actually led to a kitten rescue! When people started seeing little strays wandering around a local graveyard, they immediately contacted West Side Cat Rescue in Buffalo, New York. Founder Jamie Mulligan was on the case in a heartbeat! However, finding the felines was harder than it sounded.

According to The Dodo, in order to locate the kittens, Jamie first had to scour the massive cemetery where they were living. This apparently took quite some time!

“This cemetery is huge,” said a representative from the animal rescue service. “Jamie spent a while trying to track them down.”

A kitten hiding in a hole in a cemetery.

Eventually, Jamie discovered the strays camping out in a hole in the ground beneath one of the gravestones. West Side Cat Rescue shared a video of the woman’s efforts to coax the kittens out of their hiding place in the cemetery. It took quite a few treats and some sweet-talking to get the two cats to cooperate!

Once Jamie lured the kittens out of the hole in the cemetery, The Dodo tells us that she moved them into a rescue carrier. After a visit to the vet, she found out that they were, unsurprisingly, malnourished. However, they’re getting the care they need!

A grey kitten and a black kitten in a travel carrier.

Named Lydia and Huber, the rescue kittens seem to have formed a very strong bond during their time together in the cemetery. In fact, they’re so linked, West Side Cat Rescue has decided they need to be adopted as a pair.

“Now that they are safe, they are starting to open up and seem happy and content,” the representative explained. “We will be adopting them out together as a pair, since they are so close!”

A pair of glowing eyes in a hole under a gravestone.
Screengrab from Facebook

We’re so glad these adorable kitties are safe and sound. Hopefully, they’ll find a loving home soon!

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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