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Woman Cracks Up When Dental Visit Leaves Her With 1 Eye Stuck Open.

Caitlyn Collins laughing after dental visit numbed half her face

Many of us have experienced the annoyance of leaving the dental office with numbness in our face due to novocaine, but few have had the same reaction as TikToker Caitlyn Collins!

Caitlyn shared a video of herself that she took in her car after having a tooth filled at the dentist office. She explained that due to the anatomy of her face, the first dose of novocaine didn’t quite do the trick, so they gave her a second vial. Even then, her mouth wasn’t fully numb… but the rest of her face was another story!

“Okay, I just got done with the dentist and half my face is numb,” she told the camera.

The entire right side of her face was smooth and completely immobilized by the numbing agent. Her right eye was wide and unblinking, and no matter how hard she laughed at her own predicament, she couldn’t budge it!

“It’s literally not moving at all,” she said in between gasps of laughter.

The good news is that Caitlyn’s condition was temporary! She followed up the next day to let everyone know she is “back to normal,” and laughing at the absurdity of her own situation is par for the course for her.

“I laugh about everything,” she explained. “I’m not trying to be mean, but my body’s instinctual reaction to pain, trauma, anxiety, is hysterical laughter. I’ve had broken bones and laughed my way right into the emergency room.”

Don’t worry, Caitlyn, we’re laughing with you, not at you! Watch the video for yourself below, and don’t forget to share.


Please tell me this has happened to someone else!?! Totally bizarre!!! #fyp #funny #dentist #viral #tiktok #tiktokviral

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