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Watch This 1 Woman Build A Mind-Blowing Underground Villa — By Hand!

Ever wondered what you would do if you were stranded on an island? How would you forage for food? What kind of island-chic shelter would you scrounge up?

We certainly have! Luckily for us, we recently stumbled upon an endless source of innovative inspiration: Survival Shelter Ideas. The brilliant creators of this YouTube account detail all of their architectural adventures, including how they make underground homes, jungle villas, and swimming pools by hand!

In this video, a woman takes on the creation of an underground villa, using only her hands and the natural tools and materials around her – or as they describe them, “ancient skills.”

She starts out by taking a sharp instrument and forming furniture out of the dirt. She goes on to make the foundation of the house with logs and sticks, topping off the roof with bamboo poles and mud, packed in by her hands and feet.

The architect then covers the home in grass to give it the “underground effect,” spruces it up with a coat of natural paint, and even includes plant decor and a fire-burning stove. Finally, she kicks back, admires her handiwork, and finishes off her hard work with a meal in her new home.

The house is so magnificent that you would expect it took an entire team of professionals to complete. You’ll have to watch the video below to believe it for yourself! Be sure to share this mind-blowing feat of creativity with a friend.

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