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Surprise! Woman Accidentally Invited To Baby Shower Responds With The Sweetest Gift.

a two-photo collage. the first is of david amastae and candace countryman smiling as the hold baby luna. the second is the blanket angela white made for them.

When you’re invited to a shower, it’s tradition to send a nice gift whether you plan to attend or not.

When Angela White received a text message inviting her to a baby shower in California, the Indiana mom-of-four was scratching her head. She didn’t recognize the names David Amastae and Candace Countryman. In fact, she had no idea who they were at all!

Angela lives 2,000 miles away from the couple, but she still couldn’t shake the idea that she should respond in some way. As a member of a military family, Angela has been the recipient of many acts of kindness and generosity over the years. She felt compelled to do something nice for these strangers who planned to welcome their daughter, Luna, in the coming months.

“Every time I thought about it, I was like, I didn’t get that text just randomly,” Angela recalled. “I don’t know why, but there was a reason why I got that text and evite to that shower.”

Since she just started Brayve Blanket Co., a new business selling handmade chunky knit blankets, Angela got to work making one for Luna. She included a note explaining what had happened with the misdirected text message then sent her gift off to California with zero expectations.

Candace and David couldn’t believe it when they opened Angela’s package. They were stunned that a total stranger would go so far out of her way to send a present to their daughter. Plus, their whole family agrees it’s a good omen for little Luna’s future.

“My mom kind of put it best,” Candace said. “She was just like ‘Oh my gosh, Luna is so blessed.’ My mom never talks like that. She is just so blessed and loved that a stranger sent her a gift. This is so crazy.”

Candace, David, and Angela finally met via Zoom with help from a local TV station. The couple was eager to thank Angela for the lovely blanket, and Angela was happy to see it in such good hands.

This is such a sweet gesture! We love how Angela paid kindness forward like this, even though she had no idea who sent her the invitation. This might be the warmest gift they ever receive, both literally and figuratively!

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