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Strangers Jump Into Action When Toddler Falls Through Gap In Train Platform.

Moments after passengers boarded the train at Wolli Creek Station in Sydney, Australia, they heard someone scream.

A frantic mom couldn’t get her words out fast enough. Her little girl wasn’t on the train — she was under it. Thankfully, her message came through loud and clear to the people who immediately rushed to save her child.

passengers rescue girl under train

According to the woman, she and her toddler had just stepped onto the train when her little one, who had never traveled that way before, panicked and tried to get off. Instead of moving back onto the platform, she fell through the gap beside it.

The station’s duty manager stopped the driver in time, but as one can imagine, the poor mom was inconsolable. In a video recorded by a fellow passenger, she can be heard sobbing and crying out for her daughter. But she doesn’t have to worry long thanks to several strangers-turned-heroes!

We see some of them slip between the gap in the platform and start searching for the missing child.

passengers rescue girl under train

After about a minute, a man finds the scared toddler near the front of the train and rushes over to her mom as another passenger says, “It’s OK. They’ve got her.”

Finally, she sees her little one in the rescuer’s arms. While the girl is obviously rattled, she’s returned to her mom’s arms — safe and sound.

passenger brings girl to mom

Just like that, the unnamed hero walks away, but not before a train employee thanks him on everyone’s behalf.

Suzanne Holden, the network’s chief customer officer, commended everyone who sprang into action that morning and gave a valuable message: “Thankfully the toddler was unharmed, but incidents such as this serve as an important reminder that the gap between the train and the platform can vary across the network, and our staff are always happy to help if you require assistance.”

mother daughter

We’re so relieved to see this little one back with her mom. What a powerful reminder that there are countless individuals out there who will risk their own safety to help others in need.

Watch the daring rescue unfold in the video below, and share this story to thank these heroes.

Toddler rescued after falling between train

"It's OK, they've got her."Three passengers have been praised for crawling underneath a Sydney train to rescue a trapped child this morning.The young girl fell under the train at Wolli Creek Station in Sydney's south about 9.15am. Read more:📹: Joseph Mourtada

Posted by ABC Illawarra on Sunday, February 23, 2020

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