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Windsurfer Miraculously Survives Incredibly Close Call With A Humpback Whale.

whale leaping out of water

This adventurous athlete was making his way through the water when he came in contact with an unlikely friend: a humpback whale!

This windsurfer was enjoying the waves when a humpback whale leaped into the air and onto the windsurfer’s board, knocking him into the water. He then recovered, swimming around for a minute and then making his way back up onto his board.

This image is from TikTok.

The windsurfer was clearly shocked at this encounter. Humpback whales are massive, so it’s miraculous that the windsurfer made it out of the incident completely unharmed.

What an incredible moment to have lived through! And thankfully, he caught it on film! Now hundreds of thousands of viewers have witnessed this unbelievable encounter.

“WOW! This is one of those moments that if you didn’t have it in video no one would believe you! Insane! Glad he is OK. What an experience,” said one viewer, blown away by the tale.

“This almost never happens to me on my couch at home,” commented a humorous fan with a very relatable perspective.

Check out the clip in its entirety below. What a beautiful miracle!


An Australian windsurfer is lucky to be alive after he survived a “one-in-a-million” encounter when he was knocked off his surfboard by a breaching humpback whale. Video captured the dramatic moment a whale emerges from the water and knocks 55-year-old Jason Breen off his board. Breen says he was trapped under water and could feel the whale’s body pushing him down. “I saw the head coming up. Then I saw the rest of the body coming up, and then I saw the whole thing above me, and about that stage, I’ve got to be honest, I thought I was in trouble.” Breen was uninjured and able to return to land following the incident. #caughtoncamera #whale #surf #windsurfing #australia #animal #wildanimal #lucky #watchthis #news #ctvnews

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The featured image for this post comes from TikTok.

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