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Will Ferrell’s Son Is Remembering The Legendary Way His Dad Embarrassed Him At Prom

Will Ferrell son

Will Ferrell’s son Mangus took part in a new social media trend and hilariously called out his dad for embarrassing him at prom.

Mangus Ferrell, 20, may have graduated high school several years ago, but he’s still thinking about the core memory created when his famous father played a prank on his special night. 

Mangus took part in a TikTok trend where kids post stories about their dads and ask followers to “rate” them. Unsurprisingly, Mangus’ dad enjoys embarrassing his kids in wholesome ways, so it was easy for him to join in the conversation. But he didn’t ask his friends and followers to give a rating. Mangus had already decided the score.

Mangus shared two pictures on his personal account. The first shows him in his room with a caption that reads, “Rating things my dad has done.” The next shows a photo of Will Ferrell dressed in full medieval garb and Mangus dressed in a modern suit. Will is giving the camera his most serious face, and Mangus stands next to him looking entirely unimpressed. 

“Dressed up as a medieval lord to embarrass me at prom 10000/10.”

Followers Give Will Ferrell A Free Pass To Be An Embarrassing Dad

While we’re sure Mangus was mortified by his dad’s antics, most people didn’t feel bad for him. The majority of the commenters thought his dad got a free pass to be embarrassing—because he’s Will Ferrell.

“I would personally be okay with that bc he’s Will Ferrell,” someone wrote.

“I’ve always told people ‘If I could have anyone be my dad, it would 100% be Will Ferrell,'” added another star-struck fan.

“I would be completely okay with my dad doing this if he was willing to ferrel,” someone joked.

“This is exactly how I pictured Will Ferrell being as a parent lol,” wrote another fan, and we agree.

“Will Ferrell??? I just know y’all family events are hilarious,” someone added.

This story’s featured image is by Tristan Fewings/Getty Images for Warner Bros.

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