New Wife Refused To Pull The Plug On Her Husband. When She Heard His Words She Knew Her Decision Was Right.

wife lays next to husband on hospital bed

Before July 11, 2011, life was moving along very well for Matt Davis. Just three weeks before that date he had finished painting the new kitchen to his house and bought a puppy with his wife Danielle. They had only been married for seven months.

On July 11th Matt was running late to work, exhausted from the work done on the new kitchen that weekend. As he was merging onto the highway he struck the rear of a vehicle that was illegally parked. The result was devastating. Matt was rushed to Memorial University Medical Center in critical condition. He sustained horrible injuries to his body and brain and was placed on life support.

After 9 days of life support, doctors approached Danielle and suggested to take Matt off of life support. Here’s how Danielle tells this part of the story in her Facebook post:

“90% of people with his injury never regain consciousness, the 10% that do never maintain a normal or independent life, and less than 5% come close to a 100% recovery. This was a difficult choice for me, being his wife I knew that he did not want to remain a vegetable and here the doctors were telling me that’s exactly what will happen. I prayed a lot and chose not to take him off of life support. The next day Matthew opened his eyes. Exciting as this is I later learned that eyes open without consciousness is typical of a vegetative state.”

It was a miracle that Matt was showing signs of improvement, but it would be a very long and hard road to recovery for the couple.  Danielle finally took Matt home, and after weeks there he spoke two words out of the blue — he said, “I’m trying.” Matt had not said anything up until that point!

Overwhelmed, Danielle rejoiced in her decision. Matt is continuing on the road to recovery today! You can follow him via his Facebook page, Matt Davis Recovery. Watch the powerful video below detailing his incredible story of recovery and hope!

Share Matt and Danielle’s powerful story of hope in the face of tragic circumstances.

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