Wide-Eyed Baby Gets Deeply Emotional When Mom Sings Passionate Lullaby.

The bond between a mother and her child is something you have to experience to understand.


This sweet child and his mom clearly connect with a shared love of music, as you can see something touching happen as the video unfolds. Babies are known for being somewhat emotional, like the little girl who cried every time her parent’s wedding song was played, but this little boy’s response to mom’s singing may take the cake.

Mom softly began to sing the worship song, “Good, Good Father,” by Chris Tomlin during what seems to be lunch time. Immediately, the baby is affected. His emotional changes clearly cross his soft face; he goes from interest to happiness to what seems like deep contemplation.

But it’s the last emotion that sticks out the most. Just 30 seconds in, mom’s voice inspires him so deeply that it literally brings him to tears. It’s something you really don’t see every day. The depth of his emotional reaction to his mother’s singing is truly beautiful to see!

No one likes to see a baby cry… unless it’s like this! And I can’t help but be filled to the brim with love after watching.

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