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Wholesome “Rock And Roll” Couple Of 45 Yrs Shares Their Perfect Story With A Stranger.

A woman throws her head back with laughter and as her eyes closed. A man, her husband, stands next to her and talks.

Have you ever seen an older couple walking together and wondered, “What’s their story?” The folks that run Meet Cutes NYC on TikTok don’t just wonder, they ask. Their wholesome mission, according to their website, is to spread hope and wisdom through what they learn from these couples. They speak with folks of all ages and walks of life, including this couple who met around 45 years ago.

When the couple was first approached, it seemed as though the man wasn’t interested in answering the stranger’s questions. But his wife didn’t hesitate to explain that they’re “old rock and rollers” who met at a concert. From there, they were each asked what their favorite thing is about each other.

As soon as Meet Cutes NYC posed this question, the man stood up straighter, eagerly waiting for his wife’s answer.

“Everything,” she said, her face lit up.

Watch this adorable rock and roll couple talk about their relationship in the video below.

@meetcutesnyc Rock & Roll 🤘 #meetcute #howcouplesmeet #love #nyc #rockandroll #streetinterview #foryou #foryoupage #fyp ♬ Rockin' in the Free World – Neil Young

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