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Wholesome: D-Day Vet Celebrated By Prince William, But Only Wants To Hear How Kate Is Doing

A WWII vet sits as he talks with Prince William. The vet smiles as William talks. Text on the image shows what he's saying: ... who never spoke about anything until the very end.

On June 6, Prince William attended an event to commemorate the 80th anniversary of D-Day. Here, William had the chance to speak to many veterans who fought on that fateful day. While William was there to focus his attention on these brave soldiers, one vet in particular didn’t have much to say about the Prince himself. Instead, when given the chance to talk to him, he asked about his wife, the Princess of Wales.

In March of this year, Kate Middleton announced that she’s been diagnosed with cancer. Ever since then, she’s been unable to make many public appearances. But while she remains under the radar while undergoing treatment, that doesn’t mean she’s out of everyone’s thoughts. Thankfully, William was happy to share that Kate is “getting better” and “would’ve loved to be here today.”

@skynews Princess of Wales would 'love' to have made D-Day 80th anniversary events, says #William #RoyalFamily#Kate ♬ original sound – Sky News

How sweet is it that this veteran thought to ask about Kate? It’s clear that so many people care about her, which is why people are encouraged to send her letters and cards. It’s also clear that Kate was very much on William’s mind that day, too. In addition to giving a hopeful update, he reiterates something he had been sharing with lots of others that day: Kate’s family ties to Britain’s war effort.

As William explains, her grandmother served at Bletchley as a codebreaker. This means that she helped intercept and decipher messages that ultimately led to valuable info needed to end the war.

WWII Vet Sweetly Asks Prince William for an Update on Kate Middleton During D-Day Commemoration

“Makes me so emotional,” someone shares in the comments of the video, “Praying for Kate!!!”

“So sweet of the man to inquire about Princess Kate and how gentleman like of the prince to engage with him,” someone else adds. “He’s going to be the best King.”

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