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Who Knew The Largest Flying Insect In The World Was So Mesmerizing: VIDEOS

hercules beetle on girl's arm

If you were a bug-obsessed kid who has turned into an adult with an interest in all things wacky, check out this mesmerizing video of one of the largest flying insects in the world!

The Hercules beetle is a ginormous beetle with some serious wing-power.

Check out some of these crazy, mind-blowing videos of the Hercules beetle!

1. Listen to the insane wing-flapping of this big insect!

2. Here’s a fun fact you didn’t know you wanted!


How many Hercules BEETLES would it take to lift the empire state building? Take a guess and see!!! 🤔 💭 💡 #insect #fyp #foryou #creepy #animalsoftiktok #weirdtok #funfacts #learnontiktok #wow #scaryfacts #edutok #facts #scary #letsgo #weirdpets #closeup

♬ Sunshine – WIRA

3. These creatures sound like itty-bitty lawn mowers.


Flying Hercules beetle 🔥 the largest beetle in the world 🚁

♬ original sound – Adrian Kozakiewicz

4. Hercules beetles breathe in amazing ways!


Replying to @Rippley 🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍🌈 he is ok #autistic #autisticadult #autism

♬ Elevator Music – Lesfm

5. Here’s a whole bunch of these beetles in action.

If you’re into all things buggy, I hope you enjoyed this list showing one of the largest flying insects in the world!

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