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Who Controls The Eiffel Tower’s Lights? According To This Adorable 8-Yr-Old, She Does!

A two-photo collage. The first shows the Eiffel Tower lit up at night. The second photo shows a little girl, outside at night, beaming with excitement.

Just because magic isn’t real doesn’t mean we can’t create magical moments. That’s exactly what Joel Redhead from Yorkshire, England did for his daughter’s birthday. She was turning 8 years old, and he wanted it to be a day she’d never forget. At first, she thought they’d be spending the weekend in Liverpool. It wasn’t until the day of their trip that he revealed their actual destination: Paris!

Because Esmae had once asked who makes the Eiffel Tower sparkle, Joel came up with a brilliant idea. When packing for their trip, he brought along a light switch. It was just a normal light switch, but to his daughter, it would be the thing that gives the Eiffel Tower its beautiful shine. Naturally, it was up to her to turn the lights on that night.

To say that Esmae was excited to be given this news would be a massive understatement. The only thing better than her reaction to that news was the way her eyes lit up when it seemed as though she actually did cause the beautiful tower to sparkle with a million lights.

Joel did eventually reveal to Esmae that he set up the magical moment, but this didn’t dampen her experience one bit.

“She said she felt magical, and though now she knows that daddy set this up to give her a memory of a lifetime and how the lights really worked, she finds it hilarious that we pranked the people around us who believed she turned them on,” Joel said.

Watch Esmae’s unforgettable magical night in Paris in the video below.

@redheadresidence She asked who made it sparkle so Daddy gave her the job ✨🇫🇷 #eiffeltower #paris #wholesome #tourist #emotionalmoments #loveyou #fypシ ♬ This – Megan McKenna

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