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Twitch Grabs Random White Guys From Ellen’s Audience, Tries To Teach Them To Dance With Hilarious Results!

The Ellen DeGeneres Show began its 14th season last fall, and she introduced a new segment called “White Men Can Dance … with tWitch”— tWitch, of course, being the fancy-footed hip hop dancer who’s served as her regular guest DJ for the last several years.

tWitch, a.k.a. Stephen Laurel Boss, first gained recognition for his moves on the dance floor in Season 4 of So You Think You Can Dance, and has had continued appearances in subsequent seasons.


“Sometimes before the show starts, he goes up into the audience and he dances with people and brings them down, and he teaches them moves, so it gave me an idea. It’s a new segment we’re calling ‘White Men Can Dance … with tWitch,”Ellen said during a recent episode.

The camera then cuts to a compilation of numerous male members of her audience trying to imitate tWitch’s moves:


Remember Elaine’s stupid dance at that party on Seinfeld? Yeah, that’s me. My dancing days began and ended with forced square dancing in the seventh grade and, even though I don’t even try anymore, anyone who can make even a rudimentary dance move has my respect.


Ellen recently aired another compilation of hilarious, in-studio dancing featuring enthusiastic members of the audience.  Check it out below! Think you could keep up with tWitch?

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