While Diabetic Daughter Is Asleep Upstairs, Dog Notices Something Wrong And Goes To Alert Parents.

dog with open mouth

“The nose always knows,” wrote the owners of this incredible diabetic alert dog. This dog noticed something was wrong, and thank goodness she did.


Spy the Pup is trained to identify when her young friend’s numbers are off. Whether she has high or low blood pressure, Spy can recognize it and help get her the assistance she needs.

Diabetic meter
This image is from TikTok.

Diabetic Alert Dog to the Rescue!

After sleeping for a few hours, Spy came down with a mission. She was bouncing around, intently pawing at the girl’s parents, trying to get their attention.

They knew their dog identified something was wrong, and quickly sprung into action.

These parents woke their diabetic daughter and took her blood sugar. It was incredibly high!

Thank goodness for Spy.

2 million viewers have liked this clip of Spy coming to this girl’s aid.

“This just finalized my decision to get my daughter a medical alert dog. Thank you,” commented one viewer, convinced by Spy’s impact.

“Does Spy have a Christmas list because she needs all the things from Santa Paws!” commented another. So true!

Diabetic alert dogs are truly incredible. It’s amazing how a dog can identify when something is wrong so quickly. Check out the full clip below!

The featured image for this post is from TikTok.

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