“When Your Twin Sister Asks You To Do Her ‘Father Daughter Dance’ At Her Wedding”

A twin sister fills in during the father-daughter dance.

One bride didn’t have a partner for the father-daughter dance at her wedding, so she decided to give the honor to her twin sister! Deidre Schlabs shared the most beautiful footage on TikTok of her and her sibling dancing together at the reception. She explained in her video that they had grown up without parents and “practically raised each other.” The two women looked so happy to be sharing that special moment together at Deidre’s sister’s wedding!


Commenters were supportive of the sisters’ version of the father-daughter dance, but one user just had to know the story behind their childhood. So, Deidre uploaded another video with some background information. You can watch her full story here, but be aware that there is some intense content!

Basically, Deidre explained that she and her sister survived an abusive household by taking care of each other. Their father was not in the picture for most of their lives, and he passed away before the bride’s big day. Neither of them have contact with their mom, who was not invited to the wedding.

A twin sister fills in during the father-daughter dance.
Screengrab from TikTok

It must have been painful for Deidre’s twin to not have her parents with her on the biggest day of her life, but she seemed thrilled to have her sister filling in during the father-daughter dance. While these two women have clearly been through a lot, they’re lucky to be able to rely on one another. Having a twin sister can be an incredible gift!

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