When Jimmy Fallon “Collapses” On “The Tonight Show” Dog Gives Him Hilariously Ineffective CPR.

dog jumps on jimmy fallon

Jimmy Fallon’s The Tonight Show guest was a dog with some incredible CPR skills. However, this pup seemed a bit starstruck and the moment didn’t go as planned!

Sadie the dog is trained to provide CPR in an emergency. How incredible!

This image is from TikTok.

But under the stage lights with a large audience, Sadie lost her focus a bit. Chances are she was starstruck by Jimmy, too!

Jimmy was instructed to hold a piece of ham and collapse dramatically, signaling that he needed CPR. With the command “Push,” Sadie is trained to jump into action!

After a slow fall to the ground, Jimmy prepared for his rescue. But Sadie had other plans!

She rushed straight for the ham in his hand!

After her treat, she started the motion of CPR, jumping with both paws together but… errr… she was in the wrong spot.

This hilarious video has taken the Internet by storm.

“He totally got pranked,” suggested one viewer.

The big stage is an intimidating spot, but Sadie handled it with grace and playfulness. And hey, she got a treat out of it nonetheless!

Watch the hilarious clip of Jimmy Fallon getting CPR from a dog below. It’s absolutely adorable.


Sadie’s CPR talent goes off the rails in What’s Up, Dog? 😂 #FallonTonight

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The featured image for this post is from TikTok.

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