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When A Blind Girl Learns To Ride A Bike, Her Father Has The Most Endearing Reaction

A dad runs alongside his daughter, who is riding a bike.

Have you ever seen a more supportive dad than this man hyping up his blind daughter while she rides her bike? Mom captured the most beautiful video of her husband cheering their child on. Ar’Miah, 11, does not let her disability hold her back from trying new things. She’s very lucky to have two amazing parents who encourage her in all her endeavors!

“She’s never had that type of fear in her, you know what I mean?” said Ar’Miah’s mother, Mariah, according to Good Morning America.

Although Mom had some reservations about her blind daughter riding a bike, she knew she had to support her kid. Dad was 100% behind her all the way, running beside her and applauding her efforts.

“This makes me feel like I can do anything,” said Ar’Miah while pedaling.

Both Mariah and her husband couldn’t be more proud of how determined their blind daughter was to learn how to ride a bike despite being unable to see. As the mother of a disabled child, this woman has something to say to other parents.

“Please teach your kids to accept everybody else,” she said.

A dad runs alongside his daughter, who is riding a bike.
Screengrab from YouTube

We hope that Ar’Miah never loses her incredible bravery and confidence! Whether she’s riding her bike or tackling another big milestone, we know that her parents will be there to support their blind daughter.

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