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“What’s Going On?” Broadway Star Surprises Superfan At Work And It’s 1000% Adorable.

lizzie milanovich and jennifer nettles smiling and posing for a selfie together

Be careful what you post online – one of your dreams just might come true!

For Lizzie Milanovich, that meant meeting Jennifer Nettles of the band Sugarland. The popular country singer is loved by many across the world, but Lizzie just might be her number one fan.

On October, 19th Nettles took on her second Broadway role as Jenna in the musical “Waitress,”a part she took for just five weeks. Needless to say, as a New Yorker, there was no way that Lizzie was going to miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

But seeing Nettles sing her heart out as Jenna just once wasn’t enough. Within three weeks of Nettles’ first show, Lizzie had already seen it a grand total of eight times!

From the moment Lizzie discovered that Nettles would be taking on this starring role, they’ve taken to Twitter to express just how much they love both the musical and the singer. They expected their friends to notice their tweets, of course, but little did they know that between their numerous viewings of the musical and their social media posts, they had managed to catch the attention of Nettles herself!

The more Nettles learned about this super fan, the more determined she became to meet them. With a little investigating, she learned that Lizzie works at Drama Book Shop in NYC and, with a little bit of planning, made her way to visit Lizzie while on her way to Broadway.

Without a clue of what their day would bring, Lizzie was working as usual when Nettles casually approached them. Even though they were wearing a mask at the time, the look of absolute shock couldn’t have been more visible on their face!

“What’s going on?”Lizzie said. Immediately after, they teared up and slid down to the floor, completely overcome with emotion.

Once they were able to stand, Nettles went in for a much-needed hug. The two then took their surprise meeting outside where they were able to chat and have a mini-photoshoot.

Since Nettles’ wholesome surprise, the video of them meeting has gone viral and, understandably so, Lizzie still hasn’t recovered.

“This past week has actually all felt fake,” Lizzie said. “Very prepared to wake up tomorrow morning like, ‘Oh, it was a dream.'”

Watch the video of Nettles and Lizzie meeting below and don’t forget to share.

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