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Mom Threatens To “Hot Sauce” Her Son—Stops Short When 2 Women Approach.

In 2008, ABC launched “What Would You Do?”For nearly a decade since, viewers have watched as actors play out a variety of scenarios such as bullying and illegal activities, in full view of the public.

Do most people just sit back and mind their own business, or will someone take a stance against activity that’s immoral, if not outright illegal? A hidden camera captures the action, and once the situation starts to escalate, host John Quiñones makes his surprise entrance.


Even knowing it’s all a set-up, an episode that aired several months ago is hard to watch. In it, a mother and son (both actors) are eating in a diner and, over the course of the meal, she loudly and repeatedly berates him, apparently immune to the other diners’ reactions. At one point, her “son”spills a glass of orange juice all over the table, launching his “mom”into a fury.

“No more juice for you, just go stand in the corner!” the mother practically yells.


“I’m sorry,”he says sheepishly, then slides out of his seat and walks to a nearby corner.

Shocked at how the woman is treating her young son, two diners seated nearby watch and listen closely. Several minutes later, the mom gets up in a huff, leaving the boy at the table by himself. But one of the onlooking women takes the opportunity to have a little chat with him, so she gets up and pulls out a chair at the table.


Humiliated and flustered, the boy tells this kind stranger that his mom gets so mad at him sometimes that she puts hot sauce in his mouth. Hot sauce! 


Watch these women take the mother to task in the video below. What an incredible example of bistanders standing up for injustice.

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