“What? Really?” Woman Pays It Forward For Young Man Who Can’t Afford Dream Guitar.

young man and guitar grave employee looking surprised at a woman named judy who just offered to pay for the young man’s guitar.

When Judy found herself in the position to make someone’s day, she didn’t hesitate to do just that!


While browsing in Guitar Grave in Portland, Maine, she couldn’t help but overhear a young man as he was checking out at the register. He had been looking for a specific guitar for quite some time and couldn’t believe that he’d finally found it! Getting the money together to pay for it wasn’t easy, but it was finally time for him to take it home… or so he thought.

Turns out, he was $20 dollars short. The pure joy and excitement he had quickly vanished. It helped that the store offered to let him pay what he could that day so they could put it on hold for him, but it still hurt that he wouldn’t be taking home the guitar that day after all. Even still, he kept a good attitude about the situation and was happy to wait however long he needed.

Luckily, though, that’s when Judy stepped in and offered to pay the remaining $20 herself. To say that this young man was shocked by this random act of kindness would be an understatement!

“What?” he said with a huge smile. “Really? That is so incredibly nice of you. Wow… this is like one of those moments you read about… “

Considering the fact it’s being written about at this very moment, we’d say that comparison is spot on!

Thank you, Judy, for not only making this kind man’s week, but for helping show the impact so many of us have the ability to make.

Watch Judy’s act of kindness in action below, and don’t forget to share.

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