How Do You Stay Active While Charging Your Phone? WeWATT Has Found The Solution By Making You Work For That 100% Battery.


An amazingly innovative company is changing how we charge our devices. WeWATT has created tables with charging stations that are powered by people. Ummm, what?

The creators at WeWATT think humans have become sedentary and inactive, so to charge your phone you have to pedal while sitting. 30 minutes of pedaling will give you adequate charge for your phone and give you a nice workout. This is a seriously genius way to get people to start being active while they generate their own energy.

There are so many benefits, including the use of recycled materials to make the desk bikes. We think this unique and super functional idea could be implemented at universities, offices, airports, homes, and basically anywhere.

webike pod

Image via Gizmag
idea behind we watt
Image via WeWATT

pedal on table bikes

Image via WeWATT

desk charge

 Image via WeWATT

group using bikes

Image via Shim Sham Fit

webike deskcycle power generator

Image via Shim Sham Fit

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