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We’ve Got Chills! Nini Iris Makes Billie Eilish Song Her Own In Grammy-Worthy Performance.

A two-photo collage. The first shows a close up of Nini Iris singing on "The Voice" to a Billie Eilish song. The image is in black and white. The second photo shows a far-away view of Nini performing. Smoke gills the stage and a massive chandelier hangs above her head.

This season of “The Voice” feels as though it just started, and yet, the semi-finals took place just yesterday! With only nine talented contestants left, the competition is tougher than ever. Coach Niall Horan has three members left on his team, including the beloved Nini Iris who, for this round, took to “The Voice” stage with a rendition of “No Time To Die” by Billie Eilish.

The song was written by Eilish and her brother, Finneas O’Connell, for the 25th James Bond theme. But when Nini took to the stage, she truly made the song her own — something she’s become quite known for at this point.

A close up of Nini Iris singing on "The Voice" to a Billie Eilish song. The image is in black and white.

Nini Iris Takes Over “Voice” Stage With Iconic Billie Eilish Song

When her performance starts, the stage is so dim, all we can really see is Nini. Smoke fills the stage, perfectly setting the tone for this dramatic number. When the light reveals more of the stage, we can see Nini standing on a circular stage with a massive, sparkling chandelier above her head.

Behind her sits a group of violinists — though some of them are actually mannequins dressed in suits. As the song builds, sparks rain down from the ceiling, sending the crowd into an eruption of applause.

Fans can’t stop raving about how consistent Nini’s performances have been, with many adding that each time she sings, it feels as though she’s putting on a concert.

Far-away view of Nini Iris performing "No Time to Die" on "The Voice." She has a hand raised as she sings.

“You’re going to be around a long time,” Horan told Nini. “Your ability as an artist is so different. It’s going to be amazing to see what happens after this show.”

If you want to find out which five artists will be moving forward to next week’s finale, tune in tonight!

But until then, you can watch Nini Iris take over “The Voice” stage with her version of “No Time to Die” by Billie Eilish in the video below.

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