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“We’re Not Used To Rappers.” Gutsy Choice Earns Singer A Rare 4-Chair Turn On “The Voice”

A two-photo collage. The first shows a close up of Chance the Rapper on "The Voice" with his mouth agape. The second image shows singer Maddi Jane singing passionately into the mic.

Singers from all genres find themselves competing on The Voice. Still, Maddi Jane managed to stand out from the rest with her unique song choice: Escapism by RAYE and 070 Shake. Not only did this song allow the 24-year-old to show off her powerful vocals, it also gave her the chance to prove that she’s an excellent rapper, too!

An artist rapping as part of their audition is rare. So rare, in fact, that it took the coaches a minute to decide how they felt about Maddi, given some breath-control issues they noticed. But as soon as she started to sing, all of the coaches decide they want her on their team.

Rapper and Singer Maddi Jane Stuns The Voice Coaches With Her Song Choice

All of the coaches have wisdom to share with the contestants, but considering the fact that Maddi is a singer/rapper from Chicago, one coach in particular seemed like the obvious choice: Chance the Rapper.

That’s why, when it’s time for him to persuade Maddi to choose him, the beloved artist simply asks her to join, assuming he doesn’t have to try very hard. On the contrary, she insists that she needs “just a little bit more than that, though.” Loving the banter, Chance the Rapper adds more to his pitch.

Maddi Jane squats as she sings passionately on "The Voice"

“You’re obviously a star, like everybody said,” Chance the rapper tells her. “What I would bring to you as a coach is, I like to genre-blend and also, my whole job here is just to platform young artists… and be a support system.”

With those additional words, Maddi is convinced — she’s officially on Team Chance the Rapper! With these two paired up, we’re sure to see some special performances this season!

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