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Meet The “Ostrich Whisperer,” An Animal Rescuer Who Loves To Cuddle With Giant Birds.

Ostriches aren’t exactly known to be cuddly animals, but a woman in Wuustwezel, Belgium, would argue that they can be quite affectionate.

Wendy Adriaens is an animal rescuer who saves these giant birds from slaughterhouses and rehabilitates them in a small petting zoo. She’s so good at gaining their trust that she’s become known as “the ostrich whisperer.”

Ostriches are the tallest, heaviest birds in the world, standing up to 6 feet tall and weighing between 200 and 280 pounds. When frightened, they can run at a speed of almost 45 mph. Their legs are so powerful that they can kill a lion or another large predator with a single kick.

Yet for Wendy, these formidable animals are as gentle as lambs. What’s her secret?

Her approach is all about gaining their trust. Wendy has been attacked by angry ostriches many times, but she has learned how to soothe them and de-escalate the situation using patience and lots of time. She shares her training techniques on social media and has an audience of almost 1 million on TikTok!

In one video, a large male ostrich is acting aggressively toward her. Wendy explains that you should never run away when attacked by an ostrich. Instead, either lie flat on the ground or stand very tall and hold your hand up close to their face.


Don’t run away from an attacking ostrich ##ostrich ##velociraptor ##wendyadriaens ##edutok

♬ origineel geluid – Wendy Adriaens

The animal rescuer works with the ostriches every day to get them used to being around others. Now some of them cuddle with her and wrap their long necks around her as if hugging her. She can even touch their eyelids with her nose and they won’t bat an eye because they trust her completely.

One thing Wendy loves to do with the birds is set a blanket on the ground for cuddle sessions. As soon as they see the blanket, they come running!

Wendy loves inviting people over to meet the ostriches. She’s hoping to remove any stigma around the massive birds and teach everyone that they are really very gentle with the right handling.

“My big dream is opening a large sanctuary (or several), open for visitations, amazing experiences, and joy for a lifetime experience while saving and nurturing these gorgeous giants and all other animals within my/our ability,” Wendy wrote on YouTube.

We’ve never seen an ostrich behave this way before! Wendy certainly has a knack for soothing these wild beasts. These incredible animals must sense that she’s a gentle, caring soul who is worthy of their trust.

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