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Well-Trained Pup Works As Perfect Diversion During Snowy Proposal

A man and woman stand on a snow-covered cliffside. They smile and laugh as they turn to look back at their dog who is sitting on the ground.

Pulling off the perfect proposal isn’t always easy. Oftentimes, there’s a lot of planning involved. Even then, there are some things you simply can’t predict. But as often as things seem to go wrong, there are also the times where everything lines up oh-so perfectly. The adorable proposal in the video below, that involves the help of a dog, is the perfect example!

Typically, this person’s social media account focuses on their Casita Miniature American Shepherd named Katsu. But this particular video isn’t just about Katsu — it’s about the way he manages to assist his dad in proposing to his girlfriend! In the video, we see the couple admiring the mountain view, arms around one another. Then, Katsu seemingly insists that it’s time to pop the question!

@katsuventures Don’t worry, Katsu was compensated fairly with lots of cheese 🧀 #engagement #mountainengagement #dogengagement #bendoregon ♬ Belong Together (Sped Up) – Mark Ambor

By running over to them, Katsu is able to draw Mom’s attention away from her significant other. In turn, this gives the man the perfect opportunity to secretly take out the engagement ring — which was carefully carried by Katsu in his pack. In one smooth motion, he reveals the ring, causing his girlfriend to let out a joyous laugh!

“Don’t worry, Katsu was compensated fairly with lots of cheese,” the caption on their video reads.

Clever Dog Helps Pull Off the Perfect Proposal Amidst Beautiful, Snow-Covered Mountains

If it seems as though Katsu is excited over his two favorite humans getting engaged, you’d be right! All three of them couldn’t stop celebrating after this — and how could they not!? This is such a beautiful moment to share in such a beautiful space!

“Doggos just like ‘Come on dad, I can’t wait anymore,'” someone writes in the comments, “‘I’m too excited. ASK MOM! ASK MOM!'”

“That was SO SMOOTH,” someone says, with another person adding, “Shut up!! This is so cute!!!”

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