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Welcome To “Tiny Wasteland,” The Mini-World Made Out Of Everyday Objects.

four miniature figurines mining a donut with pink icing for its sprinkles that was set up by peter csakvari and a single miniature figurine, that was also set up by peter, standing on top of a flower as it waters it

With a little imagination, even the ordinary can become extraordinary.

Peter Csakvari found this out first-hand when boredom led him to buying mini figurines. Ever since, he’s been using them to create all sorts of interesting and funny scenarios. He does this by placing the figurines next to regular sized objects, creating a world he calls the “Tiny Wasteland.” If you’d like to visit, keep scrolling to see some of our favorite moments from this tiny town!

1. Sure, eating here is a bit dangerous, but we hear that it’s worth it for the immersive experience.

2. We recommend keeping the dryer on a low setting.

3. “Chiling at the cabbage river.”

4. Tiny Wasteland has some of the prettiest gardens. The only downside is all of the glitter!

5. Allergy season can be a pain, but the giant, gorgeous flowers make up for it.

6. We’ll never look at sponges the same way ever again.

7. Straws: Perfect for drinking a refreshing beverage and for creating a water pipe system!

8. Looks like it’s going to be a slam dunk!

9. What’s more impressive: the fact that they’re able to eat such giant noodles or their ability to cook them in such tiny pots?

10. What a lovely paint job!

11. “Sunrise in the Broccoli forest.”

12. As tempting as it may be to have a desert snack, it’s important to remember that too much salt can make you thirsty!

13. Sprinkles must be especially valuable in Tiny Wasteland.

14. Here, the lyrics are “Walking in a sugar wonderland!”

15. With so much corn saved up, they’re sure to have a great winter!

Using his skills as a food photographer, Peter is able to create all sorts of fascinating scenarios in the miniature world he’s created. It goes to show that you’re never too old to play with toys!

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