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Weightlifters Refuse To Let A Teammate’s Hairstyle Prevent Her From Competing.

mississippi high schooler, bruce, surrounded by fellow high schoolers who are helping to remove her beads.

When Bruce was told she couldn’t stay in her high school’s weightlifting competition with beads in her hair, she was devastated. Still, she immediately set out to remove them as quickly as she could in hopes she’d finish before it was time for her second lift.

This might not have been possible alone but, thankfully, Bruce wasn’t alone. Nearby teammates who heard the news gathered around to help. Even teens from other schools joined in! At one point, Bruce began to cry – so many people were helping remove the beads that she didn’t even have to lift a finger anymore.

But in the end, this Mississippi high schooler got her beads out just in time! As triumphant as this moment was it also serves as a great reminder of why the CROWN Act is so needed. Rules like these don’t take into consideration hair textures that so many people of color have, leading to discrimination. For example, beads aren’t just a cute accessory – they’re also used to weigh hair down which, in turn, prevents the hair from being damaged.

So, until the CROWN Act is more widely enforced, moments like these are all the more important. These young women could have focused on preparing for their turn in the competition, but instead, they chose to do what they could to fight back against an unneeded, discriminatory rule.

Watch Bruce receive an overwhelming amount of support below and don’t forget to share.

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