Wedding Photographer Has Perfect “Mom Instincts” Reaction To Fussy Flower Girl.

A woman who is a wedding photographer points as she holds a little girl (the flower girl) in her arms. They're standing outside. White chairs are lined up behind them and there are flower petals on the ground.

When someone becomes a parent, it seems they learn all sorts of new skills, many of which can be useful in all areas of life. This couldn’t have been more true for Saindy Pyles. As a destination wedding photographer, she run into her fair share of mishaps and complications. Luckily, being a mom has prepared her for just about anything that gets thrown her way.

This was proven to be true at a wedding that took place in Botanica, The Wichita Gardens in Kansas. The bride and groom chose a beautiful place to get married, but getting everyone to corporates for photos was a different story.

A woman who is a wedding photographer smiles as she takes a photo with one hand and holds the flower girl in her other arm. They are outside, standing in the aisle of white foldable chairs. Text on the image reads: 

POV you're a mom photog and the flower girl wasn't having it so on the hip she went. laughing emoji.

While many of the adults posed together, the little flower girl became fussy, making it impossible for Saindy to get any good shots. Luckily, Saindy’s years of training as a mom kicked in, prompting her to hold the flower girl in her arms. That way, she could still take photos and the kiddo wouldn’t get in the way.

“Flower girl didn’t like being left out so I put her on my hip and kept moving,” Saindy wrote.

Taking beautiful photos while holding onto a fussy kiddo? Saindy can do it all! What a simple yet brilliant move.

Watch this clever wedding photographer hold onto the fussy flower girl and take photos at the same time in the video below.

@saindypylesphotography Flower girl didnt like being left out so i put her on my hip and kept moving lol #destinationweddingphotographer #weddingtiktok #bridaltiktok #wichitaweddingphotographer ♬ Style (Taylor's Version) – Taylor Swift

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