Sleeping Dog Steals Show In Weatherman’s Home Broadcast.

All over the world, people are adapting to working from home in order to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus.

Many people are discovering how challenging it can be to work alongside their pets. Furry coworkers can be disruptive to the work day… or they can add a new level of love and unity to your day! That’s certainly been the case for meteorologist Evan Andrews.


Evan works for Fox 4 in Dallas, Texas. Once he got his home office set up he was able to keep area residents up to date on their weather forecast from the comfort of his home. Everything was going great, especially when an eagle-eyed viewer spotted something heartwarming in the background of his video.

“The weather man’s dog had a small dog couch,” the viewer wrote on Reddit. Sure enough, the photo revealed Evan delivering his weather report with his dog Penny snoozing peacefully on a tiny yet posh doggy sofa behind him.


“With a bone pillow, melts my heart,” read the top comment. “It was the best thing I have seen on tv,” the original poster agreed. The Reddit post quickly went viral, with people everywhere agreeing that the fact Evan had arranged his shot to include the tiny dog bed was just plain adorable!

After Evan caught wind of his new viral status, he really leaned in! He started showing off his entire pet menagerie to the eager fans at home.


Evan and his wife share their home with four pets: two dogs, a cat, and a tortoise. He says he started including them in his weather segments because of the joy they bring to viewers at home.

“Considering everything going on in the world nowadays, this is about the best news that’s on the news every day. I just let [my pets] roam freely in the background,” he wrote on Twitter.


When a pet store employee chimed in to let everyone know that the Evan’s dog bed is actually really expensive, Even was quick to respond on Twitter.

“The couch has a story, though, and it’s legitimate because I don’t think I would ever spend that much money on a couch,” he explained. “But my wife just had a birthday, and her aunt bought it for her birthday. We got the couch about the same day we all started working from home. As soon as I got the couch, the dogs fell in love with it. I’m like, ‘I’m putting it in the back of the shot,’ because everybody’s got their Emmy’s in the background. So I’m putting the couch.”


Fans seem to agree that Evan’s pets are much more enjoyable to see in the background than any award or trophy ever could be. People started sending in their pictures of Evan with the animals lounging in the background.

Evan even used his dogs’ newfound web fame to let us all in on a secret many work-from-home employees have become all too familiar with:


We knew it! Who needs pants, anyway? Especially when you’ve got the cutest office mates ever! Thanks for keeping it real, Evan.

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