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We Were Today Years Old When We Learned These Random Yet Fascinating Facts.

tweet says snails can sleep for 3 years if the weather doesn't suit them

Everybody’s got one or two strange factoids that they’ve somehow committed to memory.

Activist and MSNBC contributor Brittany Packnett Cunningham asked people on Twitter to share the most random facts they know. “I mean RANDOM random,” her tweet insisted. Her followers did not let her down, and neither did the legions of users who flocked to the post with their (often incredibly odd!) nuggets of truth.

The thread went viral, and we are still not okay after reading some of the responses.

1. We will never look at roly poly bugs again the same way.

2. Conclusion: A billion is a lot. Like, a lot-a lot.

3. We’ll let you Google this factoid on your own…. Our browser history is already weird enough.

4. That’s just plain adorable!

5. That can’t be right. Can it?

Thankfully, another Twitter user stepped in with a relatively easy-to-understand explanation.

6. This one will come in handy at our next trivia night!

7. Today I learned that my spirit animal is actually a snail.

8. This will come as a relief to many of us.

9. We never once stopped to consider where this tradition came from! It makes sense, in a strange way.

10. We’ve also heard it referred to as a “cupid’s bow,” so yeah. Makes sense.

11. We’d say Flintstone was a bit of an upgrade. No offense to any Slaghooples out there.

12. Apologies to our vegan friends….

13. First of all, it’s Montpelier. Secondly, that’s a feature, not a bug.

14. Hopefully this will come in handy never.

15. Just imagine how different clothes would look if we still had tails.

Okay, we may not necessarily be any smarter after learning these random facts, but we’re definitely more well-rounded! Now all of these random facts live in our heads, too, making them just a little less random.

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