Watch This Classroom’s Jack-O-Lantern Transform Into A Brand New Pumpkin Plant!

This jack-o-lantern grew into a new pumpkin plant.

What do you do with your jack-o-lanterns once spooky season is over? Usually, carved pumpkins are thrown away or left at the mercy of the squirrels on the front porch, but one classroom decided not to let theirs go to waste! Guided by their teacher, they were able to grow a new plant from the decaying Halloween decoration. Eventually, fresh pumpkins began to flourish on the vines!


The teacher shared the whole process on TikTok, where it’s been receiving a lot of attention. We’re not going to lie: The first part of the video isn’t pretty. That’s where they had to let the jack-o-lantern decompose in a jar until it was all shriveled up. However, it wasn’t long before new growth began to sprout from the withered remains! By the end of the project, the students had a beautiful and healthy-looking pumpkin plant.

Watch the video below to see this unique science project in action!

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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