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Watch The Heart-Stopping Moment This Gorilla Beats His Chest In Front Of Photographer.

gorilla beats chest

A 300+ pound gorilla is an incredibly imposing creature to be in close proximity to. When that gorilla beats his chest and displays the extent of its power and majesty mere feet in front of you, it’s sure to inspire a deep sense of awe… and stop your heart for a few seconds! 

silverback gorilla

The incredible moment occurred during a guided conservation safari photographer Richard De Gouveia was participating in. During these safaris, the primary goal is to disturb the gorillas as little as possible. The photographer notes in his TikTok post that “In theory we try and maintain a big distance but in reality it doesn’t always work out this way… We are also limited to 1 hour with the family.”

The tour had hunkered down while a storm passed through the area, and as the storm cleared the gorillas began to emerge from the vegetation and warm themselves. The male gorillas began beating their chests to help warm up, which led to this incredible moment. 

You see the gorilla inflate his air sacs, stand up, and begin to beat his chest. 

gorilla beats chest

As he beats his chest, he charges past another guest on the safari. The guest incredibly maintains their cool despite the massive gorilla lumbering past them. Richard notes that the guest “handled the moment perfectly” and “moved out to make sure we kept a safe distance from the gorillas.”

The footage of this interaction is absolutely incredible to watch. The moment is jaw-dropping, heart-stopping, and awe-inspiring all at once. You can watch the footage below:


What an incredible morning with the @kwisanga_family of gorillas. When we first arrived the clouds were darkening and the vegetation was thick. The trackers were trying to find views for us as the gorillas fed and the storm grew closer. What started as a drizzle turned into a torrential downpour and the gorillas found shelter and so did we. When the rain finally passed all the gorillas started coming out of their hiding places and the males were trying to keep warm by chest beating. While watching another gorilla the Silverback came marching in from behind us and put on a show that won’t be forgotten in a hurry by our cool, calm and collected guest who handled the moment perfectly. She then moved out to make sure we kept a safe distance from the gorillas. In theory we try and maintain a big distance but in reality it doesn’t always work out this way. Masks help us minimise any passing on of our diseases to them and distance is maintained as best as possible. We are also limited to 1 hour with the family as this is the point at which the chance of sharing our diseases with them exponentially increases. This was filmed a privately guided conservation safari which we put together with Arc Earth #travelwithpurpose #theboss #kingkong #gorillas #animalsaddict

♬ original sound – Richard De Gouveia

Incredible moments like these are testaments to the power and majesty of these magnificent animals. Just watching the moment from the safety of your phone or computer takes your breath away. I can only imagine the mixed emotions you would feel experiencing that in person! 

Conservation safaris like these, when conducted properly, can be a wonderful way to help preserve the remaining gorilla populations. Like any wildlife tour, they should always be conducted with the safety of the participants and the animals as the utmost priority. 

The poise shown by those involved provides a great example for other tours and wildlife interactions.

gorilla group

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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