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WATCH: Poppy The Prairie Dog Teaches Us To “Wahoo!”

poppy the prairie dog wahoo

Prepare for some serious animal excellence. Read on to hear Poppy the Prairie Dog let out an adorable “Wahoo!” on command!

That’s right. While lots of animals can sit or lie down on command, Poppy can give an adorable, Yoshi-like bark whenever her parent shouts her name.

poppy the prairie dog making a wahoo sound
This image is from YouTube.

She tilts her head back and lets a sweet little “Wahoo!” out whenever her owner says “Poppy!”

How. Adorable. Is. That?!?!?!

Almost two million folks have watched Poppy sing on YouTube, and they’ve taken to the comment section to express their delight in this prairie dog’s special talent.

“Poppy’s enthusiastic Wahoo’s are hilarious & adorable. It’s so cute & endearing that I can barely take it. What an adorable p-dog. Poppy is just brimming with personality,” said one fan. I fully agree with his assessment!

“This is absolutely the cutest thing ever. I didn’t realize prairie dogs were so intelligent and adorable. I love your bond with her and her bond with you. It reminds me of the bond that I have with my dogs. Animals are so pure, innocent and full of eternal love. Poppy is amazing!!” said another viewer, relating Poppy to her own pups.

Poppy’s joy is palpable. Animals are such amazing gifts to the world. Check out Poppy the Prairie Dog letting out her “Wahoo!” below. Thanks for sharing your talents, Poppy!

The featured image for this post is from YouTube and Instagram.

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