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Watch: Police Arrest Devious Elf On The Shelf For Misbehavior.

Elf on the Shelf arrested for causing mischief and mayhem.

BREAKING NEWS: Buddy, the notorious elf on a shelf, has been arrested. Witnesses saw him in the back of a patrol car. After refusing to identify himself to officers, they sought confirmation of his identity from the human family he lives with. When police arrived at Maverick’s home, they informed the young boy of the situation and asked him to provide verification of Buddy’s identity.

A police officer standing in a doorway talking to a young man.
Image from TikTok.

The officer explained, “Hey Maverick. Sorry to bother you okay. We got a call because there was a suspicious person trying to break into the house. After talking to him, he’s kind of giving us the run-around. He said he knew you.” The officer continued, adding that they didn’t really believe the person they arrested. Then, he asked Maverick to come out to the patrol car to see if he could identify the suspicious individual.

A police officer asking a young man to assist in identifying a suspicious person they caught trying to access the house.
Image from TikTok.

Maverick reluctantly agreed to see if he could help after seeking permission from his mom. He followed the police officer out to the patrol vehicle parked in the driveway. The officer continued explaining the situation and reminded Maverick to stay calm as they reached the side of the car. Another officer reached to open the door…

The young boy identifies his friend, Buddy, the elf on a shelf, who had been arrested.
Image from TikTok.

Once Maverick got a look at Buddy, he made the identification. The officer asked him how long he had known Buddy, and Maverick replied that it had been about six years. With the positive identification made, the officers arranged to release Buddy into Maverick’s custody.

Finalizing The Arrest Of Buddy, The Elf On A Shelf

Because you can’t touch an elf on the shelf, Maverick retrieved some kitchen tongs to grab Buddy and return him to the house. An elf will lose their magic if humans touch them. We’re not sure how the officers arrested him, but they had him firmly buckled into the seat to prevent escape. Law officers working the elf beat have special training, so we’re pretty certain that Buddy’s magic remains intact.

After confirming the extended length of the friendship, police released the arrested elf on a shelf into the custody of his human.
Image from TikTok.

Once the verification was complete, Buddy was released into Maverick’s custody for safekeeping. We think Buddy may be done causing mischief this season, but he will probably return from vacation at the North Pole to begin anew next year. Maverick certainly seems to have his hands full!

If you enjoyed this story of mischief and mayhem, please share it with your friends. Hopefully, they will avoid the scare that Maverick had if they can use this example to maintain control over their elf houseguest!


Buddy the Elf was caught! Leave it up to my child to act like this isnt his first rodeo with identifying friends in the back of cruisers. 🤦‍♀️😅

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