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WATCH: Man Sets Up Stray Cat Hotel, Gets Unexpected Visitor.

cat and opossum in cat tree

“We don’t check ID,” said the owner of the stray cat hotel to his unexpected visitor.

That’s right — this man set up a “stray cat hotel” to host cats in his neighborhood. However, he didn’t expect one of the guests who had taken a bed!

He zooms in and, what does he find? An opossum in the stray cat hotel!

sleeping opossum in stray cat hotel
This image is from TikTok.

An opossum! And a comfortable one, at that.

This opossum was curled up, clearly incredibly comfortable in this bed intended for a stray cat.

To be fair, the cats around the opossum seemed completely unbothered. And frankly, the human in charge of the operation seemed unbothered, too!

“My cats love their opossum friend! They even share their food!” commented one viewer of the clip, who apparently also has a stray cat hotel with an unexpected visitor!

“I always put food out at night for stray cats and there were always opossums eating with them. They seem to get along,” said another watcher who has experienced the same duo at their house.

Clearly, creatures of all kinds can appreciate food, warmth, and a cozy bed. Would you ever make a stray cat hotel? If you did, would the occasional opossum be welcome?

The featured image for this post is from TikTok.

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