WATCH: Kitten Plays Game Of Hand-Stacking With Adorable Final Move.

Close up of a small orange kitten in someone's hands and lap. The kitten is orange and has large, adorable eyes. Their paws are placed on the human's thumb and are so tiny they fit on the thumb perfectly.

Have you ever played the hand-stacking game? It’s pretty simple. It usually involves a group of people, but two is all you need. Each person stacks their hands on each other one at a time until the stack can’t go any higher or lower.


It can be a surprisingly fun game, but I have a feeling it’s best when a tiny, adorable kitten is involved. Actually, I can provide evidence of this being true. In a video with over 5 million views, a tiny orange cat can be seen playing the hand-stacking game from the comfort of his human’s lap.

Close up of a small orange kitten being held in someone's lap. The kitten looks up. The kitten has one paw placed on top of the human's thumb.

Rather than using their whole hand, the human gently places their thumb over the kitten’s adorable paws. Although their version of the game is calmer than most, this competitive kitten stays focused until the very end, prompting everyone in the comments to declare them the winner!

Watch this adorable kitten play the hand-stacking game in the video below.

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