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WATCH: Joyful Baby Keeps Passengers Smiling On Three-Hour Delayed Flight.

sweet baby on delayed flight

When you’re only ten months old, you can’t tell time yet. So when you’re traveling with mommy, and your flight is delayed, you don’t even notice. Unfortunately for the adult passengers, the flight delay was very noticeable. However, their flight delay was about to get easier to manage when this baby stepped up with her adorable antics.

When a flight at Chicago O’Hare Airport was delayed more than three hours, passengers were getting a bit grumpy. It happens. No one likes sitting around doing nothing while their future is in limbo. As passengers finally began boarding the plane, baby Julianna brought smiles to almost everyone on the delayed flight.

Ten month old baby sitting in an airplane seat after a flight delay.
Image from YouTube.

The happy mom, Desiree, filmed her joyful baby daughter as she greeted every passenger entering the plane after the flight delay. One word. A simple “Hi.” But as each person passed Julianna’s seat on the aisle, you could sense the tensions easing. People were giggling and returning the greeting. It was truly wholesome.

Whenever the stresses of life are getting you down, think about this scene. The innocence of a child offering a sincere little “Hi.” During a frustrating day, that little word became an icebreaker. After the flight delay, baby Julianna was letting everyone know it would be okay. Watch the video below. You won’t be sorry.

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