Wait For It… 5th-Grader Can’t Stop Crying When He Spots Surprise Graduation Guest.

Da'kota hugging his dad on his 5th-grade graduation.

There is no better feeling for a child than to see their loved ones present to celebrate their most important achievements. But sometimes life gets in the way, and it’s not possible for parents to attend every one of their children’s milestones.


This is something Da’kota has had to learn since he lives hundreds of miles away from his dad. Da’kota lives with his mom in Steamboat Springs, Colorado and his dad lives in Waycross, Georgia. For this reason, the little boy did not expect to see his dad at his fifth grade graduation.

Little did he know his dad drove more than 1,000 miles just to see his little champ receive his diploma!

In a heartwarming video shared by Da’kota’s mom, the former fifth grader can be seen walking up the stairs to get on stage and take his seat. Moments after he sits down, a man walks in and takes a seat in the audience – it was Da’kota’s dad!

As soon as Da’kota sees his father, his face says it all: A full-on smile while trying to hold back the happy tears.

After Da’kota got his diploma, he goes straight to his dad and gives him a heartfelt hug! It is impossible not to tell how much it meant for him to have his dad on this important day. But you can also see how much it meant for this dad to be able to be there for his son.

“He sees both of his boys as much as he possibly can!” Da’kota’s mom wrote. “Divorce happens, moving away happens, it’s about the effort you put in to be there.”

Kudos to this dad who made this beautiful moment happen! We know Da’kota will never forget this day.

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Every boy needs their DAD!! Today Da’kota our first born son graduated 5th grade! We will celebrate every victory! Covaid has taken so much but this year my baby flourished! He is the sunlight in our darkness! Today his dad drove from Waycross Ga to Steamboat Springs co. To see his baby graduate! You can see the shock in his eyes! I had to hold this secret! His dad was going to make this happen! And he did! Co parenting win!

♬ You’ll Be In My Heart – Jim

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